What if I was to tell you that everything you thought you knew about how to learn, study and succeed in school was wrong? Because if you learn like most people do, this is exactly what I’m telling you.


What if I was to tell you…

  1. You can achieve better grades, while cutting your study time in half.
  2. Highly intelligent people aren’t simply gifted individuals – but they have an entirely different way of learning (something you can use too).
  3. Most people are clueless on how the learning process actually works. Resulting in difficulty in increasing their intelligence, something that this course will effortlessly assist you in doing.

The above statements may appear unlikely. But by using the information provided in my how to study guide, I’ve been able to effortlessly achieve the follow:

  • Read over 70 books in a year.
  • Achieved top grades in all of my finals at university with a minimum or not studying at all.
  • Came first at a inter-province advanced chemistry exam. Even though i was unaware that i was required to do it until just minutes prior to actually writing it.
  • Spoke at a TEDx conference.
  • Did very little course work while maintaining A grades with plenty time to socialize and enjoy life, take many trips, and run a business.
  • In a national exam came within the top three. Without ever even seeing the course prior to being tested.

I’m not saying this to brag, as my achievements are modest. While doing some research on exceptional learners, I’ve come across many individuals who are able to achieve A average with 3x the course load AND memorize entire books while breezing through specially designed degree programs which are intended to fail the majority of students.

I say all of this because I believe you can do it too.


How is This Possible?!

Holistic learning is the answer. Holistic learning is a unique learning style that i teach and has helped thousands of people reach their educational and career goals.

The practice of holistic learning practices what rote memorization does not. With rote memorization you are forced to consume great amounts of information and hope that you will remember it later.

With Holistic learning the opposite is done. So instead of having to memorize tons and tons of information, you make connections between the ideas, allowing you greatly enhance your capacity to learn at rapid speed. This is much closer to the actual workings of your brain. It helps you to understand a subject and not simply consume and unload complicated formulas.


How to Study, Learn More, Study Less: The Video Course

The follow is a list of contents included within the How to Study, Learn More Study Less Video Course:

  1. A full 228 page downloadable copy of How to Study, Learn More, Study Less.
  2. Easy to follow worksheets aimed at teaching you on how to use the How to Study techniques and ideas.
  3. A full 12 class modules in the how to study video course, instructing you on how to do the follow:
    • Learn more and study less with 6 hours of step-by-step instruction.
    • Take flow-based notes, so you learn in less time.
    • Create metaphors easily, to understand ideas faster.
    • Handle a crisis before an upcoming exam.
    • Set goals you’ll actually achieve.
    • Dissect a course, to know exactly which tactics to use to ace the class.
    • Use the power of mental imagery to easily understand difficult math, chemistry and physics concepts instantly.
    • Study for exams holistically (and how I’ve aced university finals with no studying).
    • Set up a killer productivity system to nuke your procrastination.
    • Remember vocabulary words with amazing accuracy (and far less time) than by rote.
    • Speed read.
  4. Interviews with three educational experts, including::
    • Kalid, who shares his secrets on how to create obvious and intuitive explanations for advanced science and mathematics classes. His is also the founder of the website Betterexplained.com.
    • Liam, who is a teacher and owner of a tutoring company, who was able to go from C’s and B’s to straight A+’s, Who shares his knowledge on how anyone can dramatically improve their grades.
    • An octolingual polyglot, named Benny, who was able to speak fluent German within only three months.
  5. My exclusive Case-Study Guide, containing 38 pages which i investigate how my students successfully used the tactics provided in my how to study guide, including:
    • Six worksheets to take you from theory to practice in implementing the ideas.
    • A student who reduced his study time by a huge 75%, AND scored better grades by doing so.
    • Another one of my students used the techniques provided in my how to study guide to achieve top grades with ease on a difficult designation exam with an entire month less studying then normally required.
    • How one student went from failing in chemistry and mathematics to scoring 85% using just one technique in the guide.

3 Ways to Get it Today

Holistic Learning Ninja Edition – $67

Full 228 page guide, worksheets and case studies.
How to Study Video Course including 12 video modules and expert interviews.
One month’s free subscription to Learning on Steroids. Learning on Steroids includes weekly emails, private forum access to discuss learning techniques with other students and personal 1 on 1 coaching or support from Scott (the guy who created the courses). Future months will be billed at $14 per month, which can be cancelled at anytime.

The Complete Video Course – $67

How to Study Video Course including 12 video modules and expert interviews, same price as the first option excluding the free months subscription to Learning on Steroids.

Guide-Only Edition – $39

Best-selling 228 page guide, worksheets and case studies.